Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding reception decorations don’t have to break the budget. My best friend was getting married and her budget was a major issue. A couple of us bridesmaids decided to get together and as our gift to her and her groom we offered to take care of any and all wedding reception decorations. We volunteered to purchase them and get the actual decorating done. We wanted her to relax and enjoy her wedding and it was proving difficult for her with all of the monetary concerns. She had managed to get a hall for the reception at a very low cost but it was going to need a lot of decorating. We started shopping for all possible wedding reception decorations on the market. With three of us on the job, we were sure we could get the most for our money.

Since none of us are independently wealthy we decided to look into some wedding reception decorations that we could make ourselves. The bride wanted candles on every table so we ordered personalized wraps to go around plain glass containers to hold the candles. They were reasonable and made great personalized wedding reception decorations once assembled. We bought the glass holders and candles at a discount store and they were gorgeous once the wraps were applied.

In order to save a little more money without looking cheap we found a company that rented a lot of different wedding reception decorations. We rented lush green palms to scatter around the room and chair covers to dress up the bride’s table. The caterer would be bringing tablecloths and all the tableware and the florist would provide a beautifully decorated arch for the bride and groom to walk through when they arrived. We decided to save some money on the wedding card holder by covering and decorating a cardboard box to sit on the gift table. The money saved would help offset the final wedding reception decorations that we needed.

We wanted the wedding reception decorations to create a fairy tale atmosphere for the dancing with pretty sparkling lights. I had seen some very expensive light strands with fancy lanterns at a bridal store that were way over budget. With a little creativity and a lot of looking around we managed to find reasonable strands of sparkling clear lights. The wedding colors were white and lavender so we ordered some very budget friendly paper lanterns in both white and lavender that would hang amongst the light strands. We added in a hundred pearly white and lavender helium balloons to float along the ceiling and help to create the perfect atmosphere.

The last task to conquer in our quest for wedding reception decorations was finding some able-bodied and reliable volunteers to actually implement our designs. As bridesmaids our time would be limited on the day of the ceremony but the men in our lives were happy to help. We made sure to enlist a professional wedding reception decorations diva to oversee the “workers” and our job was done. When the bride entered the hall for her reception, the look of joy on her face made all of our work worthwhile. We had created the perfect fairytale setting for the beginning of their life together.

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Wedding Favors

A couples wedding day is almost always the most memorable day of their lives, but what they often forget is that it is also a very fond memory for their friends and loved ones as well. One of the best ways to make sure that this special day is memorable is through wedding favors. Wedding favors are creative, cute, and often the best way to give your loved ones a special token to remember your special day. Wedding favors come in a wide variety of themes, colors, sizes, and price levels. Your wedding favors can be fun and functional, seasonal, home made and even edible. The opportunities for creative wedding favors is abundant. The type of wedding favor plays a big role in how your special day is remembered. Would you rather your loved ones think back on your wedding day and remember that the wedding favor cupcakes was the best desert they’ve had sense their wedding; or would you like them to look on a shelf and see a beautiful hand crafted wedding favor, that shows your love and thanks for being there on your special day?

Wedding Favors From Gracious Bridal

Wedding favors can also be themed like your wedding if so desired. Golf wedding favors, beach wedding favors, and seasonal wedding favors are good options for themed weddings. Nothing is more memorable from your wedding at sunset on the beach than a shell wedding favor signed by the bride and groom. There are thousands of wedding favors to choose from. Some couples prefer to give functional wedding favors, for example cooking utensils, personalized playing cards, or match books. While other couples wedding favors are exquisite portraits taken on their wedding day, or pictures of the big moment, or first dance, all portrayed in wedding favor picture frames. Wedding favors can also be cultural, for example some couples give out chop stick wedding favors, or cultural delicacies as wedding favors. The most important thing to think about while choosing your particular wedding favor is to make sure it represent the bridge and groom as a couple, gives insight into their personalities, and is memorable to everyone involved.

Some couples work on a budget and feel wedding favors are an un-needed expense, but wedding favors can be done cheaply and with little effort. Some options for those planning a wedding on a budget are edible wedding favors. If the couple loves to cook what better way than baking their own wedding favors. Some other ideas to consider are environmental friendly or “Green” wedding favors, a couple can collect sea shells, or grow small potted trees as wedding favors. The importance of a wedding favor shouldn’t be neglected because a couple is on a budget. Any token or memento can serve as a wedding favor. Hand crafted or DIY wedding favors can be the most memorable and personal of all wedding favors and can be done cheaply and with a lot of added personality. Some ideas for home made wedding favors for those who are into crafts could be braided wedding favors or home knit wedding favors.

Don’t let your wedding day be a long past memory that faded over time, with a inventive, genuine, made with love wedding favor you can keep your special day well remembered. Keep in mind wedding favors show your guests a special thank you for attending your special day.

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